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ennroll-Graduate programs

The Graduate Committee of the relevant graduate programs, which comprises the Program Director in the role of Chair, two graduate faculty members chosen by the Program Director, and occasionally one representative from the Admissions Office, evaluates applications for admission to AUD’s graduate programs.

The Committee takes a balanced approach based on the idea that an applicant’s substantial compliance with one or more of these requirements may, to a fair extent, make up for shortcomings in one or more of the other factors considered in the applicant’s evaluation.

Copies of educational records may be offered to aid in decision-making during the preliminary evaluation. Once the University has received all required paperwork, including certified English translations of every supporting document, final acceptance is given. Translations have to be exact (i.e., word-for-word). The University retains the right to determine whether any qualifications presented for admission are sufficient. Students are also cautioned that falsifying or omitting information is sufficient grounds for rejection or dismissal. This dismissal, which requires the President’s consent, may happen at any point while a student resides at AUD when the omission or fabrication is discovered.

Students should be advised that even if they drop out or withdraw from the University, any original records, letters, and other materials submitted to AUD as part of the admissions process will remain university property and will not be returned at any point in the future. In addition, physical records for absent pupils that are not collected within two years will be destroyed.

The following is what we will be looking for while examining your application.


  • A completed graduate admissions application.
  • A 3.0 GPA or above in undergraduate studies (on a 4.00 scale). A different G.P.A. is computed for students with post-undergraduate credits from more than one institution.
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Records: Original, sealed transcripts from all colleges, universities, and other postsecondary institutions of higher education where the candidate completed both undergraduate and graduate work.
  • A completed Confirmation of University Records Form must be emailed directly from each University the student attended before enrolling at AUD to AUD’s Admissions Office.
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Diplomas: A photocopy of the diplomas is required for verification, along with the originals.
  • Universities/colleges previously attended are profiled and graded.
 graduate programs


A TOEFL® score of 550 (79 I.B.T.) or an Academic IELTS score of 6.5, or an equivalent result on a test recognised by the U.A.E. MOE-HEA, is required of all students. The TOEFL® code for the University is 0063.


A natural English speaker who earned their undergraduate degree in an English-speaking university in a nation where English is the official language

A pupil who has finished their undergraduate studies at a university with American accreditation

A student who was admitted to and graduated from an English-medium school and who can demonstrate that, upon admission to the undergraduate programs, they attained a TOEFL® score of 500 or an Academic IELTSTM score of 6.0 or its standardised equivalent that the U.A.E. Affair has approved of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education (MOE-HEA).

 graduate programs


Application cost of AED 420, which is not refundable. Upon approval for admission, a reservation payment of AED 2,000 is needed, which is non-refundable and entirely paid toward tuition.

The mission of American University in Dubai

The American University in Dubai’s mission is to be a multicultural learning community dedicated to the advancement of society as well as the success of its students in their academic, personal, and professional endeavours. This is done through excellence in teaching and scholarly and creative work.

Our primary mission is to help students pursue higher education because every student has the right to fulfil their goals and desires.

To build fruitful professional relationships, we are dedicated to the significance of cooperation and outreach. We also place a high priority on the application of innovation to knowledge development, creative expression, and ongoing progress.


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